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About One Tree Tutorial & Enrichment 

We believe that parents are the first teachers of their children and remain the most important adults in the life of the child. In communication and partnership with parents, we encourage growth in all areas of the child’s life. It is through this partnership that we believe children will thrive at home, at school and in society.

Currently we serve children in Kindergarten through the 6th grade in multi-age classrooms. Our primary classroom serves Kindergarten and 1st grade, our lower elementary serves 2nd and 3rd grade and our upper elementary classroom serves 4th, 5th and 6th grades.

In our classrooms, we offer a Montessori curriculum. We also work with individual families by helping implement methodologies that best fit the child(ren) and parents so that we can ensure academic, emotional and social success for each child.

One Tree’s classroom is prepared in such a way that children are able to work freely and independently after the teacher gives formal lessons. The teacher’s role is one of the observer and guide as the children progress at their own pace. 

Our multi-age classes allow for older children to serve as mentors to younger children. We believe that this helps to foster the development of critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills as well as encourages respect for different levels and stages of learning. The multi-age classroom also helps children to develop a strong sense of community by providing an opportunity to teach and to learn from each other.

One Tree works towards our educational goals through emphasizing a respect for oneself and for the environment. We encourage children to be independent and to make choices as to what they work on. This does not mean that One Tree teachers do not guide or instruct the child to work on other academic and enrichment areas. We continually work to adapt and to improve our methods of teaching in order to create the most beneficial learning environment possible.

In addition to traditional academic areas, we offer a variety of enrichment learning opportunities that includes things such as gardening and permaculture, grace and courtesy, art, yoga and meditation. Specifically, for the 2018 - 2019 school year we will be offering art, music and improv for all grade levels as well as permaculture studies for the lower and upper elementary classrooms.

In addition to classroom activities, we also spend a minimum of 1.5 hours outdoors each day (weather permitting) for unstructured free-play. We believe, based on research, this is crucial for the overall healthy development of the child. 

Key differences

between Montessori education at One Tree traditional education

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