Legal Information

In order for a child to be enrolled at One Tree Tutorial & Enrichment, s/he must be registered as a homeschool/non-traditional student. Proof of registration with either your current school district’s system (MNPS, WCS, etc.) or proof of registration with an umbrella program is required as a part of our enrollment process.

By enrolling one’s child at One Tree Tutorial & Enrichment, it is understood by the parents(s)/guardian(s) that One Tree Tutorial and Enrichment is not a licensed childcare facility, nor a school. One Tree will not be offering credits nor are we accredited by any agency. One Tree Tutorial and Enrichment is an  educational/tutoring/enrichment program for children who are being homeschooled.

We are committed to providing a quality program for children, but we will not be held responsible for children who do not pass any state required tests and/or who do not fulfill state required homeschool attendance laws. By enrolling one’s child, it is also understood that the parent(s)/guardian(s) are ultimately responsible for the overall education of the enrolled child.


Click the link below for more information on Tennessee state laws regarding homeschooling,