Homeschooling Resources

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Homeschooling curriculum that many one Tree Families have used over the years*

* One Tree does not mandate what type of curriculum families use at home. Just like every child learns differently, every family teaches differently. Our suggestion is to see what makes the most sense for your teaching style and for what is in line with your family goals and values. We see homeschooling as an opportunity for families to learn alongside their children and we believe when children see their parents excited about learning something, the children will follow suit.

While we are a non-religiously based program, a lot of curriculum available in the homeschooling community is Christian based and this is why there may be some Christian based programs listed here. In the same way, some curriculum is secular, Waldorf based, etc. This list, in no way, is intended to influence any family’s religious beliefs and/or values.



Schiller Math (Montessori inspired curriculum)

Signapore Math

Saxon Math (Straight forward, rote math practice)

English Language Arts:

All About Reading

All About Spelling


Beautiful Feet Books (History through literature)

Story of the World

General Curriculum & Online Options :

Oak Meadow (Waldorf Curriculum)

Charlotte Mason (similar to Montessori)

NAMC Montessori Homeschool Curriculum

Kahn Academy (Free online classes for all ages)

Accellus Online Elementary School Courses

OutSchool (A variety of online classes in any and all subject/interest areas)

Recommended Reading

Many of the books listed are available to borrow in our Parent Library.

We do not receive compensation if you purchase any of the books below.

Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius

Montessori Madness (you-tube video of summary is available here.)

Project Based Homeschooling

The Brave Learner (website with curriculum also available here.)

Home Grown

Simplicity Parenting (podcast also available here: Simplicity Parenting podcast.)

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather

How to Raise a Wild Child

It’s Okay Not to Share

The Awakened Family

The Conscious Parent

Positive Discipline

Tennessee Academic Standards*

* Many families have chosen to homeschool to break away from “standard” education. However, it is always helpful to have a guide in case you decide to no longer homeschool your child(ren) and need to have them tested to enter into a traditional school system.

Math Standards (All Grades)

English Language Arts Standards (All Grades)

Science Standards (All Grades)

Fine Arts Standards (All Grades)

Social Studies Standards (All Grades)

1st Grade only Social Studies Standards (Tennessee History)