Our Mission

To assist parents in providing holistic & meaningful education that cultivates the intellectual, social and emotional development of the child while also instilling a lifelong love of learning.

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What is a Tutorial & enrichment?


A tutorial and enrichment program is a service offered to families who have decided to homeschool.
At One Tree, families will find that they are signing up for a community of teachers, parents and children that have come together to help support each other in the early years of a life-long educational journey. Students attend 3 days each week and are with the same peers and teachers for the entire academic year.


Our classrooms

Students are in classes with two teachers of a maximum of twenty-one students in each class (Primary, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary). Our classrooms are set up to create an environment of encouraged learning and are fully stocked with Montessori approved materials for students to use. 

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Our Teaching

We believe every child should be allowed the space and time to learn at his/her own pace in a hands-on, welcoming environment. That's why we follow the Montessori philosophy of education that not only educates the whole child, but also fosters a love of learning

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What Our Families Are Saying

One tree provides rich hands-on learning and fun that engages kids in critical thinking and in enriching their spirits as well as their minds. I’m so grateful to be a part of the One Tree community.
— Lindsay
There are so many wonderful things about One Tree. Our son absolutely LOVES having the option to be “outside” so much of the time. I LOVE the teacher – student ratio – there is not a school in town that has this incredible ratio. We are truly blessed. Our son loves all of the students and WANTS to do school work. Somehow One Tree has helped foster this desire and his thirst for learning. He would go 5 days a week to One Tree with no problem. It is definitely a “fit” for us homeschooling the other 2 days. The feedback from the teachers is awesome.
— Laurie
One Tree Tutorial offers an innovative, nurturing approach to education which compliments our homeschool learning. Hybrid homeschooling is the best of both worlds! Our family is able to spend more time together and learn together, and as a parent I still have time to work part-time outside of the home. And my daughter loves it! She is smiling and energetic at the end of every day at One Tree. At One Tree, she spends lots of time outdoors learning through hands-on experiences and exploration. She is developing friendships with peers in an environment which encourages teamwork and mutual respect. The class size is small and the teachers really know my child. Each child is given an individual learning plan which focuses on his/her learning style, interests,and needs. The teachers also work closely with parents to develop a collaborative learning plan which compliments what is being taught at home on homeschool days. My child is encouraged to be the curious, creative, energetic child that she is naturally. We are so thankful for One Tree!
— Elizabeth